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Thank you letters encourage me to think that someone else, not yet introduced to my great-grandmother, may appreciate her story. And so, I continue to respond to invitations.
How fortunate I am to have the health to travel and meet with such enthusiastic readers.

March I, 2016, I bravely sent my book off to compete in the Whistler Independent Book Awards and learned in July it was one of three finalists. Although we did not win, I am very proud to have For Elise  recognized as a finalist. It was an honour to attend the festival and I am enriched by the experience. More about the award under ‘Award’. 

See my new web page for more details of more coming events: 

Kristkindlmark or German Christmas market is on now Saturday Dec. 1 and 2 at Fort Garry Place. There are lots of wonderful vendor there including me  with my book and candles.

Brandon University Alumni authors, October 13, 2-4 in the Mingling Area of Knowles-Douglas Building.

Portage La Prairie Library History Day, October 20. More information to follow.

Cancelled: Bus Tour: Points West, Carberry, The Criddle/Vane Homestead, and Wawanesa. Creative Retirement could not find parking for our cars during the day while we were away.

During the past spring, giving us all good memories.
April, Cartwrite, MB:  Lakeland Regional Library, Cartwrite Branch; Pilot Mound, MB, Louise Public Library; Melita, MB: SouthWestern Regional Library; Pierson, MB:  Southwestern Regional Library
Elkhorn, MB: Border Regional Library, Elkhorn Branc; Reston, MB, Reston & District Library; Headingly Municipal Library, 49 Alboro St.; Jake Epp Libary, Steinbach

See Listing of Past Events

Past highlights

Archivists Stockach 2015Visited Stockach, Germany in June of 2015—home of Elise’s ancestor’s.
I presented a book to the archivists who helped me research the Harrer family.
he earliest record of Harrers in Stockach was 1790 and from then on they were often mentioned as making a positive contribution to the community.  A newly discovered cousin, Roland Harrer, and Dorothea his wife, hosted us during our visit.

 Hadleigh, England, April 2014, gave a short presentation at Alabaster Gathering..
Percy’s mother, Mary Ann Alabaster Criddle, was an artist in London. Members of the Alabaster Society have been very supportive, assisting my research and my writing of For Elise.

Read more  Alabaster Society


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